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SolarEdge Begins South African Rollout Of Powerwall-Compatible StorEdge Solution

Israel’s SolarEdge has begun rolling out its Powerwall-compatible StorEdge inverter solution in South Africa, which is expected to help homeowners increase their solar self-consumption, as well as provide reliable backup power during grid interruptions.

StorEdge is considered an ‘all-in-one’ solution for grid-tied solar arrays with energy storage, and its DC-optimized inverter allows for both managing and monitoring solar electricity generation, enabling solar homeowners to consume more of their own solar energy, as well as providing electricity to pre-selected loads in the event of grid disruption.

“Smart energy management allows storing of solar energy in a battery to meet export limitations, offer demand response and peak shaving, and perform time of use shifting for reduced electric bills.”

According to PV Magazine, several solar PV systems that include the StorEdge solution have already been commissioned, with more expected in the near future. BrightBlack, a Johannesburg-based energy solutions provider, installed the first such system, a 3 kW solar array paired with a StorEdge inverter, nine power optimizers, and a 6.4 kWh Tesla Powerwall system. Kwikelec, a Port Elizabeth-based solar company, installed a 5 kW array with the StorEdge system 20 power optimizers, and a 6.4 kWh Powerwall for energy storage.

By allowing solar homeowners to have more control over time-of-use, as well as better monitoring and management of the solar electricity consumption and generation, the StorEdge solution is claimed to not only help customers save on their systems’ overall costs, but to also boost the energy efficiency of those systems.

“With load shedding required to stabilize South Africa’s electric grid, PV coupled with storage provide backup power during grid interruption for backed-up loads, in addition to increasing self-consumption. With SolarEdge’s StorEdge™ solution, homeowners only need a single inverter to manage and monitor both solar energy generation, energy consumption, and energy storage. This system design not only reduces system costs, but is more energy efficient.” – Joachim Nell, General Manager Africa & Emerging Markets for SolarEdge